A recap of this week's devotions at Ben Speer's Stamps/Baxter School of Music.



 Sue Duffield talks candidly about her new book on faith and humor, Suebiquitous: (A Humorous Travelog of an Unfiltered Saint), “I should probably post a disclaimer on the cover: "Do not read in bed late at night, if your husband is trying to go to sleep!" I've had many women say that they didnt expect such a laugh-out-loud experience! I'm so excited that readers are getting the full gamut of an all-over-the- place stage-to-page journey only God could orchestrate. My years of story-telling are translated into a hilarious adventure that will have you laughing, crying and experiencing the supernatural.” 

Sue’s forty-two year ministry is going just as strong today, bringing her faith-filled music, humor and spirit-led message to a whole new generation of women (and men too!). This Jersey girl transplant lives in Hendersonville Tennessee, rides a Harley, is an avid social media junkie and is foremost an advocate for abused women and children worldwide. Her husband, Jeff, an accomplished musician and pianist, joins her on keyboard on many of her events. Their love for Jesus is absolutely contagious. Send Sue a message right here!