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The Coiffure Match for Missions!


The challenge for December is this: LADIES! For every dollar you spend on your hair this month, how about donating dollar for dollar towards Redeeming Roses Ministry to disenfranchised women? Oh wow, what a fun but inspirational way to make a difference in an abused woman's life. And if you're REALLY brave, send me your picture of your pre-salon or present-salon selfie, and i'll post it right here! C'mon gals, we can make a real difference this Christmas! I'm calling it "The Coiffure Match for Missions". Carrie Baber will flip! Let's surprise her with a big check for her girls in Malaysia. Send me an email of your photo!

Comments Section

Count me in! Sending it soon. I love this SO much..
I will match you! It is a great cause. And my three daughter's just love your song price is right. They know it word for word. They even mark thier hands with a red x and when people ask them why they have done that, they explain that they are against human trafficking. You have opened my daughter's eyes to love for others. Thank you Sue. Ill send my donation.
OH Sue, this is over the top! I'm doing this... I just said to my husband the other day, "Lord, the $$$ I spend on my hair. I need to do something to counteract all that!" - And then, you provide me with a way to take funds to glorify and God and help women too... OK, check your inbox! Count me in for $125

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